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About Us


We are traditional in our trade operating an artesian butcher shop, sourcing and supplying Gippsland with local and sustainable cattle throughout the region. With over 45 years of experience within the industry, we aim to provide our customers with the true taste of Gippsland. From paddock to plate, full traceability is a must!

Our traditional English-style and methods mean we make everything in-house, on the block, and by hand. Only dealing with the entire carcass and specializing in whole processing.

Proudly making all your favorites in-house including but not limited to our pastries, ready meals, and our selection of traditional English goods and award-winning sausages.

We are setting the benchmark for our industry for presentation and butchery. With a wealth of knowledge that has been passed down over generations. And now educating not only the next generation of young butchers but also a vast audience in the showmanship that comes with being able to watch a body be broken down to provide the specific cuts of your choice, whether that’s in shop or through international butcher’s competitions.

We have a strong sense of community and support those who need it most through avenues such as St Vincents and other organisations.



Consistently provide excellent customer service and go back to our traditional old-school morals. Breaking down physical and theoretical walls around butcher shops and showcasing our open-plan setup so you can see what goes on behind the scenes. We believe in educating on quality products and why you should shop with your local butcher.

We strive to be leaders in our trade. Not just in processing, but also for PrimeSafe, auditors, like-minded butchers, and our customers to say “I can’t get this anywhere else… That’s the best in the country… It can’t get any better than this!”